When winter fades and spring begins to roll around the corner, the last thing you want is to have to restart your self tan routine to regain flawless skin. With our salon, you do not have to lose in valuable sun time during the winter. You can keep that tan going all year long.

Tanning beds are the oldest method of gaining an indoor, quick tan. It might require a little extra time on your part, but that just means that your skin tone can be as customizable as you would like. Even though you might be tempted to visit the salon as much as possible, it is recommended that you use the bed every other day at most. Our staff are experts in giving tips and advice to allow our clients to achieve their skin tone goals.

Our UV beds are guaranteed spic and span every time you visit our salon. We know that when it comes to the perfect tan, you should be most concerned with clean facilities. Let us take that burden off your shoulders with our immaculate salon.

If you are interested in asking our professionals how to best work on your tan, call Philly's Nails and Spa in Philadelphia, PA.